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Camaraderie and the Commander: the Importance of Socialization for Aging Vets

By Kathryn Cherkas, MIPH Program Manager, Friendship Center Montecito One of humanity’s most commonly shared elements is personal relationships. Friends, relatives, romantic partners, and acquaintances all form a unique network that becomes our community. Veterans are all part of a unique community that few outsiders understand. The bonds between veterans are not just the result of similar career, training, or…

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Old Folks Offer New Insights on Film–WISE UP on Aging Helps Hollywood Hear From Real Elders

Authors: Kathryn Cherkas, MIPH, is Program Manager at Friendship Center Montecito, where she coordinates the project; Stuart Greenbaum is director of the WISE UP On Aging initiative and a Governor’s appointed to the California Commission on Aging. Who better to judge whether art accurately imitates life than those with plenty of life experience? So, when Hollywood attempts to fictionalize aging-related…

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