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Member Spotlight on “Sir” Robert Antonini, WWII Vet & Witty Raconteur

  By Laurie Mason, program coordinator Everyone calls Robert Antonini “Sir Robert,” a moniker he gave himself. “It’s because I’m above and beyond the ordinary,” he jokes, but his self-deprecating manner suggests he doesn’t really believe that. Yet it’s true. At 94, Sir Robert is fit, sharp and always quick with a witty retort. Someone says, “You made up the…

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Laughter Heals: Therapist Carol Metcalf Uses Humor to “Reframe the Ironic” 

  By Laurie Mason, program coordinator Friendship Center knows Carol Metcalf for the time she volunteers running a Veteran’s Support Group. What members might not know is that Carol, in addition to being a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and adjunct professor at Antioch University, is a SAG actor, comedian and documentary filmmaker. Her award-winning documentary “It Only Hurts When…

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Q & A with Program Manager Kathryn Cherkas, MIPH

  By Laurie Mason, program coordinator Social, Emotional, Cognitive and Physical: Friendship Center’s program is designed to exercise four facets of healthy human life … every day. Glance at a typical day on Friendship Center’s agenda and you might think, “That’s a pleasant way to spend time.” A closer look reveals a carefully crafted plan that exercises four primary facets…

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