Laurie Mason, MFA

Program & Communications


Laurie Mason comes to Friendship Center with a professional background in teaching, writing and design. Primarily a cat person, Laurie loves dogs too; she is delighted to share a workspace with Ana, the party pug and Lela, keeper of cookies.

Born in Minnesota, Laurie moved to Santa Barbara as a toddler when Dad Larry took a job with Delco Electronics. Laurie is a graduate of Hope, La Colina and Santa Barbara High schools. But that’s not all! She has a BA in English literature from UC Santa Cruz, a Master’s of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from San Francisco State University and an ESL teaching certificate. In her spare time she is earning a digital art’s certificate from Loyola Marymount and enjoys using her digital design skills to keep up-to-date on technology while also getting back in touch with her childhood doodling prowess.

In addition to cats Jojo and Sybil, a very long-lived gecko named Arrow and two tortoises, Laurie lives in Goleta with husband Shane, a native of Shanghai and daughter Hailey, a freshman at UC Santa Cruz. Son Kai is a senior at UCSB and has moved out; but to the delight of Laurie’s neighbors, Kai still uses the garage for band practice.

Laurie sings alto in the Santa Barbara Choral Society.