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My heart-felt thanks to all you exceptional folks who ease my burden AND bring caring direction to my husband’s days at Friendship Center.

Heart-felt Thanks

My husband feels loved and accepted by the friendly, patient staff and volunteers at Friendship Center. He feels at home there. As for myself, it feels good leaving my husband in this safe and caring environment. Friendship Center is truly a gift to those of us who care for a loved one with memory loss!

A True Gift

The staff’s compassion and understanding is remarkable. Our family is so grateful for their caring support on our journey with my husband’s Alzheimer’s.

Compassionate Staff

Our Friendship Center Family



Keeper of Cookies

Ana Leon

Program Specialist

Sweet Mary Zafra

Program Specialist

Judy Hughes

Program Manager, Goleta

Ellen Willis-Conger

Operations Director

Kim Larsen

Family Services Manager

Caity Young

Program Specialist

Christine Poarch

Program Specialist / Food Services Coordinator

Heidi Holly

Executive Director

Esther Kratz

Program Services Coordinator

Naomi Edwards

Program Coordinator

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Our Mission

Friendship Center offers engaging activities that promote socialization, well-being, and a sense of community for aging adults. We provide respite, support, and education for their caregivers, enabling them to achieve balance in their lives.