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Caregivers need respite care - Are adult day services right for your loved one?

Friendship Center

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Feb 19

Caregivers Need Respite Care

Emotional, physical, and financial demands make it difficult to be a caregiver 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Without respite care—a temporary break from these demands—caregivers are at increased risk for stress-related conditions, such as depression, exhaustion, and other health problems.

Are Adult Day Services Right for Your Loved One?

When should someone consider adult day services?

Consider adult day services when your loved one:

• Can no longer structure his or her own daily activities

• Is isolated and desires social contact

• Lives with someone who works or is frequently away from home

• Can’t be safely left alone at home

Adult day services provides socialization and cognitive stimulation while costing only a fraction of in-home delivered care.

Care Consultations

Caregivers need support too! The staff at Friendship Center provides additional support to family caregivers by becoming a partner in care. We Share The Care! Care planning and monitoring of member’s well-being and health needs is an important part of our services. We closely coordinate care strategies with our member’s families.

Friendship Center’s Caregiver Support Groups are offered in collaboration with the Alzheimer’s Association and the Family Services Agency.

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