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Art Programs Bringing Joy to Friendship Center Members

Friendship Center Development

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Jun 29, 2017

Our art department is in full swing!

Friendship Center has a rich history in promoting healthy aging through a variety of programs, including those utilizing creativity and artistic expression.Among our members we've had renowned artists with critically acclaimed work, and students developing their own artistic practice in a loving and encouraging space.

Here, seniors gather to practice skills in painting, drawing, design, sculpture, and socialization, while learning about contemporary art, theory, and history.We currently offer the following arts programs:

Art&Soul - Led by program specialist Hayle Wilder and volunteer artist Ken Jewsson. This on-going art group meets twice a week to create works inspired by current events and member's personal experiences. Artists use a wide variety of media, and enjoy a supportive, enriching social setting. Free style and expression is encouraged.

Art Healing Arts - Spearheaded by volunteer Lu Monteleone, assisted by her husband Eric, this group meets twice a month. Lu brings a wealth of knowledge in design and art techniques, helping our members further their artistic skills and develop their own natural talent.

ArtTalks - Program in collaboration with the Alzheimer's Association, let by art therapist Marcy Oswald. ArtTalks is designed to open communication channels between caregiver and person with memory loss through means of art expression. It meets in 8-week sessions.Promoting healthy aging through arts is an effective approach with worldwide recognition. As our members refine their artistry, they maintain and improve their communication, social, concentration, memory, and sensory skills. For many, this is an invaluable strategy to compensate for the progression of memory loss, and reduce the severity of symptoms associated with Alzheimer's and dementia. And they produce the most stunning art pieces, many of them are ultimately auctioned at fundraising events benefiting our programs. For more information about participation in art programs at Friendship Center, please contact Kim at 805 969-0859.

Collage by Shirley Tustin

Watercolor on paper, by Ruth Hirshfield

Watercolor on paper, by Gene Manriquez

Acrylic on canvas, by Tilla Roman

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