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Brain Training Promotes Cognitive Functioning as we Age

Friendship Center Development

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May 30, 2018

The human brain needs to receive stimulation to encourage synapses and the formation of new connections between brain cells. In other words, cognitive stimulation strengthens the brain. CONNECTIONS, Friendship Center's brain training program, unites the two major modes of brain stimulation--social activity and brain training. We humans are inherently social creatures, so it is no surprise that social activity helps keep us physically and mentally healthy as we age. Well-documented by studies worldwide, the importance of social interaction has been linked to risk reduction for cardiovascular problems, some cancers, osteoporosis, and rheumatoid arthritis. It has also been shown to lower the occurrence of mental health issues, such as depression, and to slow the progress of memory loss.

_____________________ People involved in regular social activities are 50% less likely to demonstrate cognitive decline than those who are lonely or isolated. University of Michigan researchers found that just 10 minutes of daily social interaction can significantly improve cognitive performance!

_____________________ Cognitive training, when paired with social interaction, also  supports brain health. Numerous studies indicate that cognitive training improves  memory performance and overall brain functioning. In the same way that a student becomes better at math by practicing solving math problems, the brain gets better at various tasks with proper amounts and types of training. With that in mind, those concerned about memory loss may try different strategies, including puzzles, word and trivia games, Sudoku, or a favorite mind-bending game. Some are interested in more formal and structured cognitive training programs, but you may find it hard to follow a brain-training program by yourself at home. You may prefer a more structured, personal approach. If you are interested in cognitive training as a strategy to fortify  your brain, you may want to try CONNECTIONS. This is a utilizing methods that have been demonstrated as beneficial for overall cognition. CONNECTIONS offers the benefits of brain training and social interaction combined, with maximum benefit for improved cognitive functioning. CONNECTIONS is designed to be a fun and relaxing social activity. Brain training, like any exercise, must be enjoyable to be beneficial. The benefits of CONNECTIONS are long-lasting and will give your brain an additional level of protection against memory loss. Consider attending CONNECTIONS for a trial visit. Our instructors provide brain exercises, which are extremely helpful to stimulate brain functioning, while incorporating a support group component. Thus CONNECTIONS unites the two main components of cognitive stimulation--brain training in a fun, social setting. The Connections Program will be offered virtually starting in late August 2020. Please check our Virtual Activities page for updates on scheduling. 

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