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Connections Social Program Benefits Minds & Bodies in Early Dementia

Friendship Center Development

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Nov 8, 2021

Connections Senior Social Program, Friendship Center's brain-training program, mid-December at All Saints-by-the-Sea Church. As the name suggests, Connections is about connecting, both socially and cognitively. Each three-hour session features socially engaging activities, music, group discussions and light exercise. Connections is geared specifically toward members in the early stages of a dementia diagnosis, with the two-fold goal of challenging the mind and encouraging new synaptic connections in the brain. Members will be required to wear masks and socially distance during meetings. All Saints-by-the-Sea Church has given Friendship Center the thumbs up to resume Connections meetings in their Parish House Fireside Room, across from Friendship Center. When: Tuesdays, 9 a.m. to noon, at All Saints' Parish House Fireside Room, across the street from Friendship Center. Cost: $50 per session. For more information about enrolling, please contact Family Services Manager Kim Larsen at: or (805) 969-0859, ext. 2.

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