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What Are the Keys to Long Life?

Friendship Center Development

2 min read

Aug 1, 2018

Standard advice holds that in order to live a long life, you need to cut out harmful activities such as smoking and drinking, eat healthy foods, and get lots of exercise. Then again, George Burns smoked cigars and drank all his life and made it to 100. You may have even seen the recent video going around Facebook of a centenarian recommending three refreshing sugar-filled Dr. Peppers every day. It's hard to know what that key element is that will extend our lives. Everyone seems to have their own ideas on the subject. Painter Anna Mary Robertson, better known as Grandma Moses, shared this: "Life is what we make it--always has been, always will be." Mind-bogglingly, her life spanned from Lincoln's presidency to Kennedy's, from the Civil War to the Civil Rights Movement--101 years. We have celebrated multiple 100th birthdays at our Centers, and some current members are well into their 90s. Today our discussion group focused on longevity and some members shared their sage advice on a long and happy life--read on for their tips... "Love what you do and you'll be lucky enough to do what you love." "Choose a partner who makes you happy." "Have a wonderful wife and lots of children." Or to put it another way, "Find a guy with muscles and money!" "Have a garden--it produces for you and gives you something to do. Prescription: garden as needed!" "Take your vitamins, get some exercise, and always have projects around the house to keep you active mentally and physically." "Don't take life too seriously--laugh a lot!" Our oldest member celebrates her 105th birthday this month and shared with us: "Go to bed early, never on a full stomach, but eat a BIG breakfast every day--eggs, toast, and fruit." Her daughter adds, "Her positive outlook is a big factor in my mom's long and happy life!" However we manage it, we all know what's important is not only the years in your life, but the life in your years!

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