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Caregiver Testimonials

Friendship Center

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Feb 19

Individual Attention

What is very special about Friendship Center is that each member receives individual attention. It’s not just my sister… each member receives this focused attention. It just feels like my sister gets special attention. That’s how awesome the staff is.


Everyone there goes out of their way to treat my mother with dignity and respect and to help her enjoy her day. They are also kind and patient with me, and I appreciate that.

Everyone Gets Along

I appreciate how the Friendship Center staff manages the wide variety of abilities among the participants and how well people seem to get along. Dad feels good knowing he has somewhere to go each day.

Great Activities

The activities and atmosphere at Friendship Center help my father to continue being the very social person he has always been. He may not remember what he does there, but he’s always happy to go and comes home in good spirits.

Life Saver

Friendship Center is a life saver, and my mother looks forward to her days there. The staff is very welcoming and kind. The fact that mom is welcomed by name when she arrives is heartwarming to both of us!

Compassionate Staff

The staff’s compassion and understanding is remarkable. Our family is so grateful for their caring support on our journey with my husband’s Alzheimer’s.

A True Gift

My husband feels loved and accepted by the friendly, patient staff and volunteers at Friendship Center. He feels at home there. As for myself, it feels good leaving my husband in this safe and caring environment. Friendship Center is truly a gift to those of us who care for a loved one with memory loss!

Heart-felt Thanks

My heart-felt thanks to all you exceptional folks who ease my burden AND bring caring direction to my husband’s days at Friendship Center.

Thank you for all you are doing to assist us!

Dear Friendship Center Friends, I want you to know how much my husband and I appreciate all of the thoughtful letters, cards, notes and packages of information/activities you take the time to send our way! He loves getting mail and he takes the time to go through everything. The mail communications are making him feel even  more connected to  the wonderful programs you have made available during this challenging time. Thank you for all you are doing to assist us!

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