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Our Mission

Friendship Center provides innovative activities and programs that honor individuality, promote socialization, and foster a compassionate community for aging adults. Caregivers receive respite, support, and education, enabling them to achieve balance in their lives.

Our Story

Friendship Center is a beautiful adult day program that offers supervised, person-centered activities for adults living with dementia or other cognitive challenges. We offer a wide range of outdoor classes, activities and experiences, allowing its members to socialize, explore hobbies, exercise, and engage in various engaging experiences through one single program. The staff at Friendship Center are trained in the latest methodology for adult day services and provide a kind and welcoming environment for the members. As a beloved community resource, we aim to always maintain a vibrant and engaging community where members can feel loved, accepted, and at home. As a result, caregivers and family members receive peace of mind knowing their loved one is spending their days somewhere safe and enjoyable!

Friendship Center is licensed by Community Care Licensing as a social model adult day program. As a social model, meaning we do not provide onsite medical care, we are able to design a person-centered program based upon who attends our program. We have retired doctors, teachers, veterans, moms, poets and more...each member of our program is recognized for their individuality and celebrated for all that they have accomplished in their lives.


Our team understands the challenges that come with someone's cognitive decline and the impact it can have on their families. Through open communication and ongoing dialogue, Friendship Center supports families and friends of our participants throughout their caregiving journey. 

Friendship Center member with their painting artwork
Board of Directors

Cynder Sinclair | President

Sue Adams | Vice President

Maggie Mixsell | Secretary

Jeffrey Krutzsch | Treasurer

Kathy Marden, MFT | Member-at-Large

Zandra Cholmondeley

Marti Correa de Garcia

Jacqueline Duran

Pat Forgey

David Selberg

Stephen Sharpe

Monica Vidger-Trent

Joe Wheatley


Kathryn Westland, MPH, Executive Director

Amy West, MA, Associate Director

Gabriella Forrester, Fund Development & Data Analyst

Kim Larsen, Family Services Manager

Jean Hall, Operations Coordinator

Sarah Rodriguez, Billing Specialist

Esther Kratz, Membership Liaison

Claudia Berumen, Program Manager

Maria Porter, Program Coordinator

Deysi Herrera, Program Specialist

Nerely Delgado, Program Specialist

Andy Carnaghe, Accountant

Hope Saxon BSN, RN, MSN, AGNP-C, Clinical Education Program Coordinator

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