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Friendship Center Welcomes Board Members Paloma Espino and Steven Sharpe; Cynder Sinclair is President


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Oct 28, 2023

Paloma Espino and Steven Sharpe have been elected to the Board of Directors for Friendship Center, and Cynder Sinclair has been elected board president for the 2022-23 term.

Paloma Espino is the current administrator for Sarah House, a local nonprofit that provides end-of-life care for community members. She said there are many lessons to be learned from working with those who are at the end of their life. “I have learned that no one ever dies, not if they are remembered through stories,” Espino said. “A table for eight can accommodate 25; it is all a matter of imagination and an open heart, I learned that life is precious, and every minute counts.” Espino also believes that part of the joy of life is being able to be of service. “I am incredibly happy to have joined Friendship Center and to see how I can best serve here,” she said.

Steven Sharpe is the executive director of Food From the Heart, a local nonprofit that provides meals to low-income individuals who live alone and are managing a major illness. Working in the nonprofit sector for some 25 years, Sharpe previously served as general director for Opera Santa Barbara, general manager of Camerata Pacifica, and executive director for the Dream Foundation. He  began his nonprofit career Pacific Pride Foundation/AIDS Project Central Coast, serving as both director of development and then executive director. Sharpe, who was raised in Santa Barbara, has also served on multiple boards including Hospice of Santa Barbara, and the Conference & Visitor’s Bureau of Santa Barbara.

Cynder Sinclair is the founder and lead consultant for Nonprofit Kinect, providing consulting services for nonprofits in the areas of board leadership, fund development, and capacity building. She also offers executive coaching, especially to those in transition and new management positions. Sinclair moved to Santa Barbara in 1995 serving as CEO of Tres Condados Girl Scout Council for 12 years, VO in Wealth Management for Santa Barbara Bank & Trust, and then CEO for Santa Barbara Neighborhood Clinics, and CEO for Community Action of Ventura County.

“Welcome aboard to each of our new board members; Steven and Paloma,” said Heidi Holly, executive director. “We look forward to leaning on you for your expertise as we continue to serve our aging community and their caregivers. And to Cynder, thank you for stepping up to a leadership position, as our president. With your strong skillset in the nonprofit sector we are definitely in good hands.”

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