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Take a LEAP! An Exploration in Friendship Center's Life Enrichment Activity Program

Friendship Center Development

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Oct 17, 2022

Friendship Center has faithfully served our senior members through every transition we have experienced together, including these past few years in the shadow of the COVID-19 pandemic. With the desire to decrease isolation and increase our members' engagement with their community and peers, Friendship Center has reimagined focus on LEAP (Life Enrichment Activity Program).

LEAP delivers EXACTLY what health professionals recommended for seniors experiencing dementia and cognitive decline: an effective way to communicate and engage elders whose language and motor skills are less active and are unable to receive information in the same way. The World Health Organization (WHO) and other scholarly studies have proven that music and movement are key ways to reach the active brain receptors and spark their joy! Our organization makes it a PRIORITY to provide this stimulation for our members.

LEAP comprises of performances from paid musicians, classes with live senior fitness instructors, petting zoos, and excursions around the Santa Barbara community! Most recently at our Wine Down event, LEAP money was raised to go toward a new van to increase the accessibility and frequency of excursions. We are thankful for the many people who help to provide this vital interactive communication and connection to seniors, and hope for continued growth!

Click HERE to Donate to our LEAP Program

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